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2020 'Vocab Grab' Transition literacy project 2020

When starting Year 7 a pupil encounters over 1000 new words! This resource helps pupils discover, play with and use these words in a fun and safe way whilst building literacy confidence and competence as they go. Free license download for 2020. Suitable for classroom or home schooling. The video below featured in the Transition Ed 2020 online conference. This segment introduces the resource with poets Kurly and Dreadlock Alien discussing the acquisition and application of new vocabulary, with live examples of pupil's work and teacher's feedback. 

Resources include: Teachers' project overview pack with launch video, links to pupil performances, teacher CPD training sessions and teachers' feedback. Pupil pack with tasks and teacher's classroom pack with cheat sheet support. Covers spectrum of curricular subjects. Poems and links to poetry videos produced by schools who use this resource can be sent to us to feature in our online poetry anthology and competitions. Visit our resource shop to download here.