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KS2 and KS1 Values, Virtues, Visions & Vocabulary resources/CPD/workshop

Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1 whole school curriculum experience. Pupils acquire and apply values vocabulary, celebrating the core British Values themes through fun performance poetry.​ KS2 themes include; ‘Respect’, ‘Tolerance’, ‘Rule of Law’, ‘Democracy’, ‘Individual Liberty’ and ‘Diversity’ for KS1. (Topics easily changeable for school's bespoke values and virtues). The experience equips pupils with confidence, knowledge and skills to express thoughts and feelings on the themes through the fun performance poetry format.

We offer a comprehensive teachers' resources to deliver the experience independently (see shop page) alongside teacher CPD training and visits programs. Contact us to express your interest in booking a poet to deliver a CPD session or a visit that can engage up to 360 pupils in a day. Continue to scroll down to view video examples.



  • Pupils experience the curriculum more broadly, acquiring knowledge and skills enriching their cultural capital and character through values literacy.
  • Builds literacy confidence, increasing access and attainment across the curriculum.
  • Safeguards pupil well-being from hate speech by promoting positive values vocabulary and healthy choices.
  • Offers meaningful growth in areas required for life and work such as having ideas, making links and choices, creative collaboration, communication, self reflection, self improvement, self awareness and self expression.
  • Offers rewards, achievement and acknowledgement through a number of performance opportunities.
  • Send us your poems and video links (that are GDPR cleared at governance level) to be included in our Values and Virtues digital anthology and video anthology to enhance your digital legacy

KS2 & KS1 Teachers' Resource Pack


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KS2 & KS1 120 page teachers' resource pack to run the project independently includes; 

  • An 18 minute fun, interactive assembly introducing themes and the Values & Virtues project. 
  • Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 Teachers' Classroom resource packs with writing frames, tutorial videos, performance resources, posters, colouring activities and themed poetry examples by schools 
  • A poetry slam explained. Instructions to run a slam and judges' score sheets/hints and tips
  • Pupils' writing pack
  • 7 minute Key Stage 1 'Diversity' assembly video and teacher's guide
  • Teachers' guide to run the project in a day
  • Additional download resource with further video content to compliment classroom resources.  

"I used the resource as part of PHSE week. My year 6 class performed the Democracy rap it was fantastic to say the least, thank you for this wonderful resource!" Mrs Aziz, St. Hildas' Primary School

Download the Values, Virtues, Visions & Vocabulary resources here.

St. Martin's School Democracy Poem

Memorhyme teacher training CPD session

(Starting 37 seconds into the video) the teachers' training session helps develop the tools to bring the language around the core themes of British Values to life. Respect, Tolerance, Rule of Law and Democracy through poetry and Individual Liberty through writing and performing. Giving a nudge of confidence to teachers to have a go too and help pupils engage in the topics.

Regional Schools' Poetry Showcase promo video

The Values and Virtues performance poetry showcase is a fun, end of year celebration finale of the regional literacy project that helped celebrate and reinforce values and virtues literacy in schools, supporting the safeguarding of vocabulary for a generation and helping to keep all communities safe.