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Memorhyme B.A.M.E support

Supporting teachers and pupils pre-empt and deal with the wave of new emotionally laden vocabulary, hate speech, questions of interpretation, listening skills and emotional literacy.

Memorhyme consists of professional B.A.M.E literacy consultants who for many years worked alongside major national partner organisations within the educational arts sector supplying literacy resources, Black History Month packages, Respect and Tolerance days and British Cultural Values projects. We have visited over 1,000 schools globally and bring a combined total of 12 professional practitioners based in the Midlands U.K, forming a collective of support services for the education Multi Academy Trust Sector. We are Head Teachers, Poet Laureates, writers, performers and successful visible role models for the British Black and Minority Ethnic community. Formed in June 2020 in response to three particular factors affecting the B.A.M.E community, namely' The Windrush Scandal' followed by 'Covid-19' and the global protest of 'Black Lives Matter'.

Our three main aims are; 

Produce a Black History syllabus - 120 hours teachers classroom resources from E.Y.F.S to year 11 available online for license usage.

Consultancy resource for MAT, review, data analysis, suggestions of examples of excellence and sharing good practice, tackling racism head on. 'No hate inside the school gate'.

Quango think tank available to the corporate sector multi academy trust market and teaching school alliances.