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Boys to Men onto Gentlemen

A behaviour shaping and steering project aimed at Years 7 and 8. Encompassing all the older male and senior female staff in the school, consulting on appropriate behaviour, sanctions and consequences. Strategy and incentives, guidelines and goals, tips and hints, personal stories and experiences. A guide to maturation of the male form with positive role models and mentors.


These inspirational poems were written by a young man who participated in an online writing session during Lock Down 2020.  (Referred to us by wellbeing CIC 'Spring To Life') 


Boys to Men to Gentleman

When I was 10 years old I use to knock the door to play out with friends
We’d walk to the park on a hot day argue over who’s going first fallout but by the end
Wed have made amends
Now I’m revising for sats days on ends
I want to be the smartest in the year when primary school ends

I’m now 13 years old learning independency
Growing and ageing fast mentally
Even though at the same time I’m suffering from jealousy
All I see is my family doing things leaving me out intentionally
This is affectionately
Destroying inside medically
Where’s my empathy
Instead I get punished for behaving recklessly
Even though this is me helplessly
Saying I want to be taken out and treated for trying my best unconditionally

I’ve just turned 15 years old confused puberty’s reached its peak
I’m on the streets
at night I can’t sleep
all I can do is peep
and pray things don’t get much more deep
Having to go school overly exhausted with sore feet
Stomachs empty I ain’t ate nothing for days not even a slice of meat
I feel asif I’m going to pass out in this summertime heat
I’m so embarrassed now I’m asking friends for money so I can eat
I look like a tramp I look really cheap
But people well never know how long this hill goes steep
All they’ll see is the negative and mock it just to act cool, look better and upbeat
Even though I’m suffering with a soul crushing heartbeat

16 years old comes now I’ve got to find my own two feet
It’s time to start making myself heard and speak
But inside I’m still scared and mentally weak
I wish I could give my brains a surgical tweak 
But I can’t so I just hide in the shadows and creep
Where I can no longer be seen or called a freak
One day I won’t be scared and leave my mental health in defeat
Following the sound of life’s light and positive beat
Until then I’m going to keep pushing to get out this strapped seat

Things have changed I’m 18 years old beginning adulthood
Life’s restarted again feeling good
I get mugged now I’m back to blue blood
Months pass I’m stuck back in this sinking mud
I just wish I could
Find away to drain my eyes flood

I’m officially a man 21 years old today
My minds changing I wanna get rid of this dull life in black and grey
I’m looking for the light and it’s showing me the way
I’ve just got to follow it in and pray
That things are going to get better day by day
And promise myself I’m going to change in a strong way

I’m growing up now I’m 23 I’ve learnt forgiveness
This has become a strong power in the healing to my mental illness
It’s made me so happy and fearless
It’s made my wiseness and alertness
Rise through the roof making me highly ambitious
Preparing to strike back very sharp and vicious
Stay steady stay suspicious
I’m going to rise to the top of the business

Now were here 24years old I’ve turned into a warm, kind, caring man
I’ve learnt to love where I’m from 0121 Birmingham
I’m dressing more presentable I’m looking healthier on the outside how glad I am
That I never ran
That I fought to be the man
Who can look after himself and support those I love from a deceitful scam
I’m thinking about kids, I’m thinking about a wife, first I’ve got to start a working plan
To do this I’ve got to be a mature man
And if I’ve learnt anything it would be I’m a wise man
You can tell by giving my lyrics a scan
I’ve explained how I’ve transformed during my lifespan
From a caveman to apart of God’s healing plan
I’m here for everybody but to treat the special one like nobody else she’s my number one fan
I’m going to resurrect her past becoming her superman
That’s how I know I’ve grown from a boy to a gentleman

by Andrei Grant

                   Solid Hearted Man

Full of strength 

Full of love 

Full of wisdom 

Full of peace 

Knows when to stand firm 

Is a full grown purified man 

Hearts warming but can turn stone when needed 

Open to anybody who needs it

Full of light and good energy 

Wants everybody to embrace this feeling 

Dominant, sharp, fast and powerful 

Feels like the leader, the protector 

Guide to good health 

Teach you good ways of raising tremendous wealth 

Only by truly accepting the bad 

To see the outcome of what can be good

You have to go through fear to be fearless 

You have to see sadness to know real happiness 

You must be broken to truly find yourself 

Every dark negative is destroyed by a light positive 

Accept this dark scary road 

Follow it fight the demons 

Become the king of your empire 

Become the queen of your wonderland 

This your is your time, this is your life 

No longer feel scared or embarrassed by the real you 

Let the wilderness free 

Swimming through the deep blue seas 

Bursting out beaming through the world's mystic sky 

Looking down on life seeing it from a high 

Capturing and taking in this feeling 

Remembering now life is good 

It was down to our own mindsets we made, thinking we’re reliving our childhood 

We all may be misunderstood

But that’s where we mature and rise above 

By sharing and caring for those we love

If something bad happened let it be 

Your strong enough to fight this trap 

And put your name on the universe's map

As a icon that changed humanity 

For the good and healing of the worlds mental insanity 

A solid hearted man full of strength 

Full of love 

Full of wisdom 

Full of peace 

by Andrei Grant