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AQA - Power and Conflict & Love and Relationships

Early subject engagement. Become the poet before studying the poet, build confidence and experience to understand 'Writers Choice' and build creative writing confidence and ideas strategies. Exam preparation Year 9, 10 and 11 tailored intervention support, early embed or last minute post mocks. AQA Language and Literacy support for the hard to reach and disenfranchised disaffected learners (particularly underachieving boys)Other exam boards covered as well.

Teacher & Pupil AQA Exam workshop feedback video

Teachers' wriTten Testimonials - Sir William Robertson Academy

"Such an invaluable experience for all students. The students were hooked from start to finish. Students now also have a boost of confidence they need just before the exams." - Miss Oldfield


"Fantastic and super engaging! I have never seen our Year 11's so involved and excited about poetry! Thank you!" - Miss Harris


​"The kids were so engaged and for some it helped them feel more confident. The second session was great in getting them to say some ideas which for some kids can be tricky! Definitely a great day for all Year 11's!"


​"Seeing pupils spring to life today and engage with poetry with such energy and confidence is an experience that I won't forget. Thank you for giving us all such an inspirational day." - Mrs Ackland


"The day with our Year 11's has been fantastic, better than I could have hoped. In the words of one of my students... MAGIC!"