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Safety Awareness (9+yrs)

Safety Poetry (9-12yrs)

Safety Resource (9-12yrs)

Working alongside the National Literacy Trust, download the Safety Awareness literacy/poetry resource here.

Anti-knife crime, Anti-violence and Positive Choices

Working with Alison Cope and The Joshua Ribera Foundation we offer workshops that help educate young people in making positive choices to promote safer streets. Alison Cope; leading national anti-youth violence campaigner and consultant delivers a number of engaging age appropriate presentations. From keeping safe online, preventing violence/knife crime whilst helping young people understand the effects of choices and consequences with her powerful story.

Developing emotional literacy through poetry we offer live and online sessions and resources alongside Alison's presentations. She also runs 'The Joshua Ribera Achievement Awards', an annual celebration event for young people who are making progress academically and personally despite being excluded from mainstream school.

The Joshua Ribera Achievement Awards - Celebrating Young People

Alison Cope on Good Morning Britain

Alison Cope on Channel 4 News