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Welcome to Memorhyme Education

We are a collective of professional literacy engagement consultants, workshop facilitators, poet laureates, performance artists, teachers, trainers and online resource providers working together to help meet the evolving learning needs in education whether children are in school or at home. With over a century's worth of collective professional experience we serve primary and secondary settings, with emphasis on pupil premium learners. Resources include; The Year 6 - Year 7 'Vocab Grab' Transition Project, Respect and Tolerance (British Values, Virtues and Visions), B.A.M.E curricular and pastoral support, Safety Awareness (anti knife crime), AQA pupil premium engagement package and much more.

We work alongside many national partners such as: The National Literacy Trust, The Premier League Education Foundation, Birmingham City Council, Royal College of Nursing, The Joshua Ribera Foundation, Kingham Creatives, Apples & Snakes, Poetry Society London, Kerboodle Oxford University Press, The British Police Symphony Orchestra, Sandwell Council, Birmingham Libraries, Multi Academy Trusts, BBC Radio 4 and Radio WM, Arts Council, Cambridge Tower Educational Press, The National Trust, The Midlands Arts Centre, Love Music Hate Racism, British Council, Writing West Midlands, Transition Ed, Writers Abroad, Malaysia, Japan, Brunei, Poland, Brussels, Belgium, South Africa and Ukraine.

Live and Online Literacy Support

Memorhyme Education Packages

2020 Transition 'Vocab Grab' Literacy Resource for Year 6 to Year 7

'Did you know?' A pupil in Year 6 encounters over 1000 new words when starting Year 7. A lot of expectation on a young person to correctly acquire and apply in their new setting. This transition resource helps pupils discover, play with and use these words in a fun and safe way, building literacy confidence as they go. Free license download for 2020. Suitable for classroom or home schooling.

Resources include: Teachers' project overview pack with launch video, links to pupil performances, teacher CPD training sessions and teachers' feedback. Pupil pack with tasks and teacher's classroom pack with cheat sheet support. Covers spectrum of curricular subjects. Poems and links to poetry videos produced by schools who use this resource can be sent to us to feature in our online poetry anthology and competitions. Visit our resource shop to download here.

Values Literacy Curriculum Experience (KS2 and KS1)

The KS2/KS1 British Values literacy resource helps build values vocabulary and speaking skills through performance poetry, increasing pupils' overall literacy confidence. Embedding the vocabulary of values literacy (Respect, Tolerance, Rule of Law, Democracy and Individual Liberty) whilst helping to enrich the curriculum and safeguard children's wellbeing by promoting positive vocabulary. Please click here to find out more about resources and visits.

Teachers' comments:

"I don't think I've ever seen my classroom that passionate about writing!"

"Shares the important messages of (British) Values in a fun dynamic way, through Poetry." 

"Delivers it to pupils in a different way. The confidence and teamwork was lovely to watch."