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Welcome to Memorhyme Education

Memorhyme are a collective of working professionals, literacy consultants, teachers and performance artists who develop classroom resources and schemes of work to support Multi Academy Trusts and Teaching schools. Combining over 150 years experience teaching and delivering workshops from Key Stage 1 to 4 in schools across the globe as well as pupil referral units, young offenders institutes and community settings. We work at the frontline of education provision supporting curricular and pastoral programs across all educational establishments. 

(Discounts available for multi academy trust block bookings, reducing travel and admin costs.)

Values Literacy Curriculum Experience (KS2 and KS1)

Applying Ofsted's new assessment approach, our fun KS2/KS1 British Values literacy experience helps build pupils' values vocabulary through performance poetry whilst increasing overall literacy confidence. Broadening and reinforcing a knowledge rich curriculum. Enabling greater access and attainment. Promoting positive language to help safeguard children's wellbeing against hate speech. Please click here to find out more about resources and visits.

Teachers' comments:

"I don't think I've ever seen my classroom that passionate about writing!"

"Shares the important messages of (British) Values in a fun dynamic way, through Poetry." 

"Delivers it to pupils in a different way. The confidence and teamwork was lovely to watch."